During my internship in JU&KE creative design studio, I was assigned to design a teaset for a tea brand Shantiantu based in Shenzhen to exhance their tea drinking experience and expand the current market.

Product Design

​4 weeks

Spring 2019

Shantiantu is a tea brand in China that but keeps the traditions and Chinese tea spirits. They try to incorperate modern and creative design language and has won several awards with their packaging in China.

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Inspired by the poetic image of the moon rising from the river. When the tea is released from the pot, it relates to the moon and the river.

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The final design that the design firm chose is poetic and simple.  Moonight is designed for personal enjoyment with one pot and one cup. Unlike the traditional teapots, no pouring is required.

The user only needs to lift the pot upward and the tea is dispensed from the bottom into the glass drinking cup below. After the tea drifts out, the pot is placed to the right side. This avoid tea staying in pot for too long and affect taste.

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