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ERA is a coffee shop furniture set designed to envision the future of the coffee shop experience. How will coffee shops strategically transform post-pandemic? ERA introduces the concept of transportable furniture that can provide a more flexible and safer environment for coffee lovers to relax, socialize, and work.


Furniture Design


2021 | Passion Project
Quick Coffee

A coffee shop is a relaxing place for people to sip coffee, talk or work. However, poor interior arrangement and limited space between each seat can create social awkwardness and panic for COVID. ERA is a set of furniture designed to make people feel more comfortable and safe within the coffee shop space.

White circles are painted on the ground to guide customers where to place the table, aiming to provide optimized freedom without affecting the traffic flow, and to keep a safe distance between tables.

A more flexible interior layout

The stool is designed with an embedded power outlet for charging electronic devices such as laptops and phones. Designed with a hollowed handle, it's easy to grab and go. Flexible to be moved anywhere and stacked for charging when they're not in use.

Functionally Optimized

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