Furniture Design


ERA is a coffeeshop furniture set designed for bluebottle coffee, envisioning the future of the coffee shop experience. Facing the challenges of the current pandemic, how will coffeeshop strategically transform to adapt to the change of coffee culture? ERA introduces the concept of transportable furniture that can provide a more flexible and safer environment for coffee lovers to relax, socialize, and work post-pandemic.


During the pandemic, coffee shops have to open their
stores for only takeaway service. Will coffee shops survive
post-pandemic? How may blue bottle, as one of the largest chain coffee brand in the US, strategically transform to thrive in the future and possibly generate more revenue?


Coffee shop culture has been rising globally for the past few decades as a comfortable environment for people to relax and chat, a good workspace with wifi, or even talk about business. However, the furniture inside was never meant to be designed surrounding these activities. As one of the biggest chain artisan coffee brands, to cater to customers' needs as well as a safe space to dine in, Blue Bottle should aim to provide not only just good coffee but a more holistic experience.


Quick Coffee


Work Alone

Sketch copy.jpg

Adjustable Height

The table was designed with a push-pin mechanism to adjust the table height for different use scenarios.


Functionally Optimized

The stool is designed with an embedded battery for charging electronic devices such as laptops and phones. Hollowed on one side, it's easy to grab and go. Flexible to be moved to anywhere and stacked for storage when they're not in use.


A more flexible interior layout

White circles are painted on the ground to guide customers where to place the table, aiming to provide optimized freedom without affecting the traffic flow, as well as keep a safe distance between tables.

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