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Product /Lighting Design


Sunset is a smart light that explores how lighting interacts with one's emotions. Inspired by the daily sunset, it is trying to bring the same expression from the sunset to the viewers and help create moments of peace and joy.

​The Best Moment of the Day

Taking inspiration from nature, sunset to me is the best moment of the day when everything falls into peace and harmony. How can we keep this subtle moment and bring it home to make a more relaxing and calming environment?

Calm, Peace and Relaxation at Home

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The Minimalistic design allows it to stay in a modern home environment even when the light is off. The circular silhouette corresponds to the theme of sunset. With a comfortable and warm glow, it aims
to warm up the home environment and improve people’s well-being in day-to-day life. 
It can light up automatically when people are within a meter's range. And it will gently fade out when all lights are off in the room. During the mid-night, it falls asleep with you.
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Prototype Process 
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I've been testing with different lighting methods and materials, and found out edge lighting has a much more ambient light effect with rice paper.
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