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Current Problems

Kids are spending 50% less time in playing outdoor than children did in the 1970s. A lack of play affects emotional development, leading to the rise of anxiety, depression, and problems of attention and self control.



Experience Design/ Concept Visualization

14 weeks

​Fall 2018

​The class brief was to design for on-the-go play experience for kid with

our own definition of on-the-go.. 

Weggo is a pop-up playground that focuses on active play. It provides children in urban cities opportunities to exercise and play on the way from their school to home. Traveling around to public spaces, Weggo gives children their daily dose of play.

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I used Sketchup models to study the play opportunities from current playgrounds, and experimented with the layout based on how kids might interact with the play truck.

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Inspired by Memphis Geometries, I went into designing the form and function of equipment and make give

it a cohesive theme.

Scaled mock-ups

​I decided the path with the structure by building 1:24 scaled mock-ups and doing iterations with the play elements inside. From each iterations I builded from basic structure to considering the how it folds with slide to safety consideration and finalized with a more detailed route.

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1: 1 scale testing

By doing the full scale mock-up and testing, I was able to confirm dimensions and safety factors based on kids' play behavior and reactions.

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​Kids are going through a cycle with no repetition in the playtruck. While they try to move freely inside and outside of the truck, they are protected by the padded foam flooring and railing on top.

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